Why Craft is Taking Over the World

Craft, a new food and beverage category, is gaining traction in restaurants and bars across the country, as well as in retail outlets.

Craft has also taken off in the craft beer industry, as breweries, distilleries and breweries are finding that they can make more money with craft beers than with beer.

The craft beer market has also seen growth, with craft breweries now making more money per barrel than traditional beer brands.

Craft is poised to take over as the main beer category within the industry, said Andrew Gantt, founder and chief executive officer of Craft Beer Alliance.

The rise of craft beer has coincided with a shift away from the typical beer drinkers, according to Gant, who has previously served as an executive vice president at several of the country’s largest craft beer producers.

Gant and Craft Beer Advocates’ chief executive Officer, Mark Bittman, also have been outspoken about the need to get more people to try new and innovative craft beers.

The group’s goal is to raise $50 million in funding over five years to help expand craft beer in America.

Craftsman said he believes the industry has already overtaken the traditional beer category.

The market for craft beer is now about 80% beer, 20% spirits and 10% spirits, he said.

There are more craft beers in stores and in restaurants than there are traditional beers.

The group has raised about $250 million to expand its product offerings and has a growing pipeline of brands to offer, said Craft Beer Association executive director Mark W. O’Brien.

For example, the group’s new beer line, Craft Whiskey, includes 12 new brands that are currently available.

The number of craft beers sold per barrel has grown more than 150% since 2010, according the group.

Craft’s expansion in recent years has also led to a shift in craft beer drinkers away from traditional beer drinkers.

According to a survey by MillerCoors, craft beer was the second-most-popular beer brand among those who are under 35, behind only beer.

Craft has also increased its share of the market among women, the people most likely to purchase craft beers, according MillerCoes research.

The Craft Beer Industry Council estimates that craft beer sales will account for $1.5 trillion in U.S. beer sales by 2021.

Craft’s growing popularity is also causing a ripple effect in the food industry, with restaurants such as Denny’s and Sam’s Club increasingly catering to craft drinkers.

Craft beers are also becoming popular among celebrities.

One of the group s leaders in the beverage industry, Sam Smith, recently appeared in a craft beer commercial.

In 2016, craft breweries won a coveted “Big Beer” award from the International Beverage Association.

Craft Beer was named the industry’s “most innovative brand” in 2017.

And in 2018, the industry also won the “best new craft brewery” award at the Brewers Association.

The craft beer category is growing by double digits, according a MillerCoos research.

Craft beer’s rise is driven by demand for premium craft beers such as those from breweries like Great Lakes Brewing Company and Sierra Nevada.

The growth in craft has also helped boost craft breweries’ margins, according Craft Beer’s O’Bannon.

Craft breweries can make up to 40% of the price of traditional beers, he added.

O’Banna said craft brewers are also able to take advantage of new and existing markets.

Craft breweries can expand their portfolio of beers in markets that don’t have craft beer on the menu, for example, and also expand their product lines and grow their distribution networks to expand their brands and brands’ customer bases, he explained.

Craft and traditional breweries have a good relationship.

They’re friends, and they have good customer relationships, he continued.


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