How to make your own craft smart paints

How to Make a DIY Craft Smart Paint for Your Home or Business (This post contains affiliate links.)

As you may know, craft smarts have become a very important part of the home and office environment in recent years.

These paints can give you a really unique look that compliments your decor and create a beautiful, professional look for your spaces.

We’ve created a handy DIY guide that will walk you through all of the steps needed to create your own DIY craft smart pomade. 

You’ll need a little creativity, but there are some great tips that you’ll find to get you started. 


Using a paintbrush is bestThe paintbrush should be a high-quality paintbrush, as well as a clear, opaque paint, to create a nice, clear, clean, and shiny finish. 


Pick a paint that you’re familiar with and can handle the pressure of a paint brush.

For example, a good paint for a painting project is a black paint.

If you’re unsure, look online. 


Start with a very thick coat.


The more coats you make, the better the results.


Use a clear primer and a small amount of liquid detergent to paint your craft smart.


Make sure to use a light touch and a dry brush to achieve the best results.

You’ll want to paint the area where the brush should be touching. 


It is best to have a little leftover paint left over to paint around your craft.

This can be a little difficult to get to once you’ve started, but a little bit of paint can give the illusion of a full paint job. 


If you are using a paint sponge or a paint-stripping brush to paint, it’s best to use one of the paints in the mix.

These will be much easier to work with, and your craft will look better. 


Be careful with your paint, since it may not dry in time.

You should be careful about applying a paint to a part that may not be able to dry in a timely manner. 


When you’re finished, let the paint dry for at least an hour.

If your paint dries quickly, you might want to use it in the afternoon or evening. 

How to Make DIY CraftSmart Paint for your Home or Office (This Post Contains Affiliate Links.)


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