Walmart Crafts Unicorn Foam for $14.99

The unicorn foam is a high-quality, lightweight, eco-friendly foam that is a good choice for a lot of projects that need a lot more energy than foam can provide. 

The unicorn foam was originally created by a company called Unicorn Energy that sells energy-efficient foam.

It is a non-toxic alternative to foam that can be used for insulation, carpeting, and other construction materials.

It comes in a variety of sizes, which allows you to make a variety and choose the size that suits your project.

Walmart has been selling unicorn foam for quite a while, but it’s now available for a much cheaper price. 

A Walmart spokesperson told TechCrunch that the Unicorn Foampo is the first unicorn foam that they’ve ever sold, and they will be stocking it as part of their inventory for some time to come. 

To make the unicorn foam, you’ll need a high density foam that has a low thermal expansion factor, such as 100 percent polyester.

The foam can be made with different types of fibers or even a combination of the two. 

I tested out Unicorn Foacewood, which is made from 100 percent wool. 

Foam that is made of 100 percent yarn is a lot harder to work with, but is a great choice for most projects, especially ones where you want to make things that last longer than a couple of days. 

For example, a tent might need to be tent-worthy for at least a week. 

You can also mix unicorn foam with polyester for a super-light, super-efficient version that will last up to a week and is also great for making light furniture and furniture that doesn’t need to last long. 

There are other unicorn foam brands available, but this is the one I’ve been looking for.

Unicorn Foams is currently available for $17.99 on 

(The Unicorn Foaf is also available on Amazon for $10.99.)


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