When the craft beer wars are over, we can all move on to other things

The craft beer boom is finally ending, but craft beer can still live on in the world.

Craft beer lovers around the world will probably never stop looking for craft beers to sample, but one brewery that’s already starting to take advantage of the boom is Stone Brewing Co. Its been busy brewing a new beer for the holiday season, and we have a scoop on what it’s going to be called.

It’s called Stone Ale and it’s a pale ale, which is probably the best thing about it. 

Stone is an independent brewery that has a small but growing footprint in the U.S. But, despite that, Stone’s beer is the only one in the craft brewing industry that can be brewed for this holiday season.

And that means it can be a pretty big deal for a brand new beer that’s just getting off the ground.

“We really wanted to brew something to be on the same level as our other beers,” Stone Beer co-founder and head brewer Brett Smith told Polygon in a phone interview.

“I’ve been brewing and making beer since I was 14, so I’ve seen this craft brewing phenomenon play out in the United States.

I think it’s an opportunity for us to really take the next step in what we do.”

The Stone Ale will be a seasonal beer that starts off as a pale brew.

It will be brewed with a blend of pale malts and spices that will also be aged for two weeks.

Stone will be selling the beer for $8.99 a bottle, which makes it one of the most affordable beers on the market right now.

“Stone is really excited to be making this beer this holiday,” Smith said.

“We are doing a limited release, and people are going to love it.

People have already started asking for it.” 

Stone will release Stone Ale this holiday year and it will also hit the shelves at select Stone restaurants and retailers on December 6, according to Stone’s website.

Craft beer is booming in the US.

There are now more breweries producing craft beer than there were in 2015.

But for most craft brewers, the beer market is still relatively new and new brands are still coming out.

Stone, which just started up in 2013, was one of those new breweries.

Smith said that Stone has been making the beer since 2010, and it has since become a popular beer.

“I think we’ve really done a good job of making sure that Stone is a great place to brew,” Smith told us.

“And then to be able to bring the Stone Ale to market for the first time is really exciting.” 

Smith said that a few of the other breweries making craft beer for this season are also making great beers for the holidays.

“We’re going to make a number of different beers, so we can get some of our own ideas in there and we’ll keep working with our team to see what we can come up with.”

The first batch of Stone Ale is going to arrive in stores on December 5, according with the Stone Beer website.

Smith told me that they’ll also have limited availability of Stone’s other beer, the American IPA.

“That’s going out to the breweries and we’re also going to have a few other beers that are going on tap and available for sale,” Smith explained.

There will also likely be a limited run of the Stone beer that is currently available at select stores, but Smith didn’t provide any more details about that. 

Smith’s brewery has grown a lot since he started brewing beer.

The Stone brewery was founded in 2008 and he and his wife, Lisa, have grown it into one of America’s largest craft brewers.

Smith has been working with his wife for more than five years now.

In the early days, Stone brewed beer for them all the time.

“Lisa would come home from work, she’d make us some beer, and then she’d come home and she’d brew some for us,” Smith recalled.

“She was the best friend we ever had.”

Stone became a household name in 2017 after it won the Gold Medal in the 2017 Beer Advocate’s Beer of the Year contest.

Stone also became one of only five breweries to be awarded the Gold Seal of Quality from the Guinness Book of World Records.

The brewery is currently producing more than 2 million barrels of beer per year, according Stone. 

The Stone beer will be available on draft at Stone locations in the Washington, DC, area and will be priced at $8 a bottle.

Stone said that it will be on tap at select retailers like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s.

Stone’s new Stone Ale has been available at the brewery since February, and its available to drink now at select restaurants in the DC area, according the company’s website and in store. 

“Stone Ale is one of our top beers for Christmas,” Smith added.

“The Stone ale is really a great gift for someone in the family