Which car craft are you going to decorate your Christmas tree with?

A car craft craze in Britain has taken the internet by storm, with more than 1,400 car crafts being created.

Car crafts, or ‘car craft’ in the US, have been popping up across Britain in recent years, with some of the most popular creations being the ‘Carcraft Queen’ car, the ‘Lion King’ car and the ‘Worm’ car.

One man, who has created more than a dozen car crafts, says he had the idea for the Queen’s car from his parents.

“I had a few kids and my dad and mum would make me a bunch of these,” the man told the BBC.

The car crafts craze began with the likes of the VW Beetle, Porsche Panamera and the Jaguar XKR, all of which are popular choices for car decorators.

Some have been decorated with real animals, but others have used computer generated models to create what appear to be cars.

Although some car crafts are based on real cars, the UK craze has taken a different approach.

Many people are now buying real car parts, rather than using car-makers’ products, to make their creations.

But the craze, which is popular among car enthusiasts, has also drawn criticism.

A woman has said some car craft could be considered offensive, saying some designs were “too big” and “too far away from the road”.

“We want people to make them as far away as possible from the car as possible,” she told the newspaper The Sun.

Others have criticised the crape’s popularity, claiming it is “an invasion of my garden” and has not gone far enough.

‘It’s not a toy’Some have even questioned whether the crappiness of the crapping and the amount of detail is appropriate for children.

“It’s a toy, it’s not really meant to be a car,” one woman told the paper.

“And there are no rules about it.

I think if we’re going to be decorating a car, we should probably get it made up by somebody who can make a better one.”

The craze started as a joke, and has been picked up by the likes the Sun, the Daily Mail and the Mirror.

Image caption One man created a replica of a VW Beetle car for Christmas with a pig


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