Why Starbucks is going to have to make coffee for Christmas

Starbucks is not just going to be using its new technology to make Christmas cookies and coffee.

It’s going to also be using the new technology, craft coffee, to create the craft drinks.

Craft coffee is a new technology that lets craft coffee drinkers make craft beverages.

In this video from Vice News, the co-founder of Starbucks explains what it means for the company to be a part of the new craze and how it’s helping Starbucks create a new category of craft coffee.

Starbucks is taking craft coffee to the next level.

The company is partnering with craft brewers and coffee roasters around the world to create its own brews.

The coffee company says that it will be using these new products to celebrate the holidays with customers.

The new products include Starbucks Brew, Starbucks Espresso and Starbucks Esprit.

The coffee company is not the only company experimenting with craft coffee as it looks to build an even larger brand.

In May, PepsiCo announced that it was partnering with several coffee roasteries around the globe to create new craft drinks for the holidays.

The deal was valued at $1 billion.