“Sensational” wine bottles with $5,000 pricetag on eBay

On Monday, a couple from Pennsylvania were selling wine bottles that were worth up to $5.5 million on eBay.

According to a press release from the US Attorney’s Office, the couple, who do not want to be identified, are selling the bottles on eBay as a hobby.

The couple says they’re trying to save money so they can buy the wine from a local winery, but have to be careful because they have to make sure it’s not counterfeit.

The bottle is one of two that are being auctioned off.

The other is being sold on a different auction site, called the “Lucky Wine Project,” and it’s worth $8,000.

The buyer says the wine is “an exceptional, high-quality wine.”

He’s not going to sell it to someone who doesn’t like it.

The wine bottles are being sold as “a special occasion gift for a special person,” and the seller says the buyer “has been waiting to get the wine for some time.”

The seller said the couple are not making any money from the sale of the wine, but he’s willing to pay for the wine in cash if it doesn’t sell for $5 million.

The auction site for the bottles has since been taken down.